A man took his blonde wife deer hunting for the first time. After he explained
the basics to his wife, he told her the most important piece of information:

Whenever you shoot something, make sure to claim it right away or the first
person who gets to your kill can claim it as their own, so be quick if we want
to have deer meat in the refrigerator!

So he departed to his deer box,

and she goes to hers to wait for some deer.

Minutes later he heard his wife's gun go off. The husband decided to make
sure she went to claim her kill instead of giving it away to someone.

When he got to his wife she was arguing with another man. When he finally got
to his wife the man was shouting waving his hands in the air:

"Okay! Fine lady this is YOUR DEER, but do you mind if I take my saddle off
YOUR DEAR before you take it away?"

Happy Deer Season!!

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