Mare sends first in the day!!
Not one thing to say she's ok!!

Iris and Jim always send, and send.
Even when one's on the mend!!

Josie sends her mail all through the night...
Man, I hope she hasn't taken flight!!

John Boy's PC was ill last week.
He sends mail that will talk and speak!!

Robert's up all hours and sometimes creeping.
No mail from him, I guess he's sleeping!!

I hope my Email friends are ok.
If you see them tell them to
send some mail my way!

And if ever in doubt to send or not to send...

Have a great day my FRIEND!!

Mark-O Solo, O'Boy


Graphic Art, Graphic Art Editing,
and Web Page By: Mark C. Phillips
bird_mail.gif By: Eclipse Digital Imaging Inc.
john_boy.gif By:
man_late.gif By: Camilla Eriksson,
mare.gif By: Animation Factory
smile.gif By: PostSmile.NET
Song: Zoot Suit Riot By: The Cherry Poppin' Daddies
MIDI By: Chris McMartin

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