Music: Sleep Walk ©Santo and Johnny 1959

Those Unforgettable Fabulous 1950's Memories

Hot Shot Eastbound at the Iaeger Drive In, Iaeger, West Virginia, 1956
Photographer: O. Winston Link (1914 - 2001)

Your entire childhood in one page....


45 rpm spindles        *****        Green Stamps           *****           Metal Ice cube trays


Beanie and Cecil        *****        Roller-skate keys        *****        Cork pop guns


Marlin Perkins        *****        Drive in Movies        *****        Drive in restaurants


Car Hops        *****        Studebakers        *****        Topo Gigio


Washtub wringers        *****        The Fuller Brush Man        *****        Sky King


Tinkertoys        *****        Erector Sets        *****        Lincoln Logs


15 cent hamburgers        *****        5 cent packs of baseball cards        *****        Penny candy


25 cent a gallon gasoline        *****        Jiffy Pop popcorn        *****        3 cent stamps


Gum wrapper chains        *****        Chatty Cathy dolls        *****        5 cent Cokes


Speedy Alka-Seltzer        *****        Cigarettes for Christmas        *****        Falstaff Beer


Burma Shave signs        *****        Brownie cameras           *****           Flash bulbs


TV Test patterns        *****        Old Yeller        *****        Chef Boy-AR-dee


Fire escape tubes        *****        Timmy and Lassie        *****        Ding Dong Avon calling


Brylcreem        *****        Aluminum Christmas Trees        *****        Reel-To-Reel tape recorders

If you can remember most or all of these, Then you have lived!!!!!!!

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Music: Sleep Walk (1959) © Santo and Johnny


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