Baby Its Cold Outside

Dean Martin and The Andrews Sisters
Composed by Frank Loesser (1944)
Recorded By Dean Martin (1959)
Album: A Winter Romance

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Dean Martin & The Andrews Sisters
With Lyrics to ~Sing A Long~

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"Baby, It's Cold Outside" is a pop standard with words and music by Frank Loesser. Loesser wrote the duet in 1944 and premiered the song with his wife at their Navarro Hotel housewarming party. The female voice in the song is called "The Mouse" and the male "The Wolf." The lyrics consist of his attempts to convince her to stay with him at the end of a date; her indecisive protests reveal that although she feels obligated to go home, she is tempted to stay, partially because, as the title suggests, "it's cold outside."
Source: maewest.blogspot


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Baby Its Cold Outside
©Dean Martin and The Andrews Sisters (1959)

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