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Frank Sinatra
December 12, 1915 May 14, 1998

"Young at Heart" is a pop standard, a ballad with music by Johnny Richards and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh. The song was written and published in 1953, with Leigh contributing the lyrics to what was originally a Richards instrumental called "Moonbeam".

Frank Sinatra was the first performer to record the song, which became a million-selling hit in 1953 (and spilling over with popularity into 1954). The song was such a hit that a movie that Sinatra was filming at the same time with Doris Day was renamed to the song title, and the song was included in the opening and closing credits of the movie, which was released as Young at Heart.

The song has also been used on the soundtracks of other films, including It Could Happen to You, The Front, Sweet Dreams, and Space Cowboys.
~Source Wikipedia

Frank Sinatra
December 12, 1915 May 14, 1998

Young at Heart
Frank Sinatra (1953)

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