Recorded: April 30, 1957
Words & Music: Aaron Schroeder / Abner Silver

"Young and Beautiful"
With Lyrics to ~Sing A Long~

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Scenes From The Movie "JAILHOUSE ROCK 1957"


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Young and Beautiful is a song written by Aaron Schroeder and Abner Silver. It was performed by Elvis Presley as the last song of the 1957 film Jailhouse Rock.
~Source Wikipedia

"Jailhouse Rock" is another Elvis Presley movie from the year 1957. He is playing Vince Everett, who learns to play guitar with country style while in prison for manslaughter. After his release, Vince meets a pretty female agent and tries to get a singing job in a nightclub. After he abandons the country singing style and finds his own, success and riches follow - but problems are on their way when his former cellmate is released.

Song tracks found in "Jailhouse Rock" include "Treat Me Nice", "Young and Beautiful", "I Want to be Free", "Don't Leave Me Now", "Baby I Don't Care", and the rocking rock'n'roll song "Jailhouse Rock". ~Source:


Young And Beautiful
Elvis Presley (1957)


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