Patsy Cline
Yes, I Understand

With ~Sing A Long~ Lyrics

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Patsy Cline
September 8, 1932 March 5, 1963

Written by C.C Beam, W.S. Stevenson and C.L. Jiles
As Released by Patsy Cline February 23 1959

Patsy Cline was nearly killed June 14, 1961 when she and 21-year-old brother Sam Hensley were involved in a head-on car crash in Madison, Tennessee. Patsy was thrown through the car's windshield. Recovery from the accident took a month and Patsy's forehead was permanently scarred.

Patsy is pictured on one of four 29 cent US commemorative postage stamps in the Legends of American Music series, featuring Country & Western music. This set of stamps also honored Hank Williams, Bob Wills, and The Carter Family. Issued 25 September 1993 in sheet and booklet formats.

Patsy recorded 102 songs during her six-year career.
Source: Wikipedia


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