Little Darlin' - The Diamonds
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Written by Maurice Williams
The Diamonds

Fun! That was the way one fan described the Diamonds. And who could argue? After listening to "Little Darlin'" for the first time, it was a foregone conclusion. It was only a little over two minutes long, but it was fun. Songs such as "Little Darlin", "The Stroll", and "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" were only three of the Diamonds' 16 hits that made it on the Billboard Charts. They had 21 appearances on America Bandstand and countless TV shows and concerts. They guest stared in a movie and sang the theme song for two others. All of this insured their place in the history of early rock & roll, and endeared themselves to the hearts of their fans. It also got them in several music Halls of Fame. Were they fun? You bet they were! - Barry Worrell


Little Darlin'
The Diamonds 1957

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