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Come Softly To Me [#1 1959]
The Fleetwoods

Written by Gary Troxel, Barbara Ellis and Gretchen Christopher

The Fleetwoods were a singing trio from Olympia, Washington, formed in the late 1950s. They were responsible for the hit song "Come Softly to Me". The song was originally called "Come Softly", and the group was originally named Two Girls and a Guy, but both were changed en route to the song's becoming a hit.

Gary Troxel and Gretchen Christopher were two high school students waiting for Christopher's mother to pick them up after school. They started singing and humming a song together, and liked it enough to ask Christopher's friend and singing partner, Barbara Ellis, to join them as a trio to perform it.

They performed the song twice at school functions, and their classmates wanted recordings of it so they could learn the song. After six months, they got the track recorded. They sang it a cappella, then dubbed the instrumental accompaniment, consisting only of Latin-styled acoustic guitar and the rhythmic shaking of Troxel's car keys. It would top the pop charts and make it to the top five of the rhythm & blues charts.

"Come Softly To Me" now started to sell in even larger quantities. the Fleetwoods made their first national appearance on March 14, on The Dick Clark Show, and were on the The Ed Sullivan Show on April 5. "Come Softly To Me" moved up the charts, into the Top Twenty in two weeks and on to Number One by mid-April.
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Come Softly To Me
The Fleetwoods (1959)

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