Patsy Cline
A Church A Courtroom Then Goodbye

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Patsy Cline
September 8, 1932 March 5, 1963

Written by Eddie Miller, W.S. Stevenson
Released by Patsy Cline July 20 1955

On June 1, 1955 Patsy made her first recording for Four Star in Nashville. Her first records were "A Church, A Courtroom then Goodbye," "Turn the Card Slowly," "Honky-tonk Merry-go-Round" and "Hiding Out." Patsy s honky-tonk growl and yodeling style were evident in these early recordings but her first single, "A Church," was not a chart success.

Now sixty years later people are still listening to her music and probably will be sixty years from now. Her music is timeless. The songs are about things that relate to today as well as the time she sang them. She has a wonderful voice that can not only do the low parts, but also can hit the high notes as well. Patsy is someone that many country stars will say has influenced them. Although Patsy considered herself country she had many fans who loved her music that did not like country music. She had hits not only on the country charts, but the pop charts as well.

Patsy Cline
September 8, 1932 March 5, 1963


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A Church A Courtroom Then Goodbye (1955)
Patsy Cline

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