Born Too Late - The Poni-Tails
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Born Too Late (1958)
The Poni-Tails

Written by Dave Chandler, Reagers

The wispy innocence of the Poni-Tails' harmony has been heard on oldies radio for over 60 years thanks to one timely hit "Born Too Late." A record about an older boy, "Born Too Late" is a rock and roll classic, a "girl group goldie," and round the world favorite.

"Born Too Late" made the Poni-Tails part of rock and roll history. It reached number seven on Billboard's Top 100 and number five in England. The group might have remained anonymous if ABC had had its way as they were promoting the other side "Come On Joey, Dance With Me". It was only after several Cleveland deejays pushed "Born Too Late," the other side, that the record took off.

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Born Too Late
The Poni-Tails (1958)

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